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Classic Car Restoration Essex 

If you have a classic car you may be wanting to get it restored by a professional company that takes pride in its work. We have been working on classic cars for a number of years now and our passion for classic cars has never been hindered.

Our Classic Car Restoration service is the best in Essex and you can see by the quality of work we produce every customer that leaves their car with us walks away with a smile. Our range of services includes restoration, engine repairs and professional bodywork.

Our range of services will always be the best in Essex as the passion for classic cars can’t be matched, the huge years of experience we have in classic car restoration is unmatched in the business; So why don’t you give us a call to discuss potential options for your classic car.

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    Our Mission

    We Love What We Do

    At Retro Fab every classic car we work on we treat as one of our own and that’s why each and every classic car that we restore leaves looking like the day it rolled out of the factory. We take restoration very seriously. We never use filler to cover up mistakes, if the part needs to come out we weld new metal on – we believe that if you try to cover up a job that already has filler on you’re only prolonging an even bigger task on your classic car.

    Our passion for classic cars has grown over the years since we have owned, sold and restored countless vehicles in the classic car industry – if you have ever driven a classic car down the road most of the time you fall in love with the way they drive, given you many memories of ones you used to drive when you first passed your test.


    Car Restoration

    All of our work is quality checked at every stage so you know when you leave with your classic car you know its been in safe hands every stage of the build. The Vehicles we take on for restoration have a vast range of value from E-Types all the way to Citroen’s – every classic car we take on is welcome to us here at Retro Fab. All of our team are specialists in their field and have a high expectation of what should be done on a classic car, we believe that quality should be built from the ground up meaning that even down to the welding work should be quality checked.

    Can you imagine owning a car that you always dreamed of driving as a kid, well that may become a reality with our reasonably priced restoration services in Essex. We always look at Restored Classics as a great business investment as they appreciate value so much – that’s why restoring a classic car in today’s market is such a great opportunity. A Lot of our customers always return with a second classic car to restore as they had such fun with the first one, this says something about our project success don’t you think?


    Classic Cars in Essex

    Our classic car restorations are seen all over Essex and that’s why we have such repeat business from the Essex Region, we take such love and care of our customers’ cars that they speak so highly of our work most of the work comes from word of mouth in the 30 years we have been working on Classic cars. If you are thinking of having a classic car restoration service off of Retro Fab then I urge you to do so. We always love taking new projects on and having that amazing customer base is what keeps us restoring classic cars in Essex.

    If you own a classic car already and are looking to have some small repairs done rather than just having a full restoration done then please call the team on the information below – most of our customers visit us to have small repairs done on their current classic cars and we always love having them back.

    Car Restoration is back in a big way and classic cars are taking over as one of the biggest appreciating assets that someone can own, most of the cars we restore appreciate by around 30% in a 5 period. We always talk to our customers about their classic cars and ask how much they think they have made since owning it and most of them underestimate the value of their classic car. 


    All Classic Cars are Made to be restored

    We believe that seeing a rotting classic car being left in a field somewhere in Essex is such a crime and seeing such great craftsmanship lose its potential is a dying shame. We love to restore cars to their former glory and seeing them go from a rusty piece of metal to a fully restored classic that shines in the sun makes for a great picture. Our clients trust us with a vision and once we are set we need to deliver on that and that’s what we aim to do. 

    All of our motors are made to be driven, not just stored away. We also offer engine conversions that allow some of your great classic cars to be driven daily which is such a bonus if you like driving in your beautifully restored classic. We aim to restore all of our vehicles within a 2-3 month period depending on the level of work required and we always try to stick with that deadline – if we know the deadline will be tight we will contact you prior to us continuing as this can sometime be an underlying issue that we never saw in the first place.


    Essex Car Restoration Services

    All of our car restoration services are available in the Essex region if you are outside this region we still take on the work and we can also organise transportation for a small fee. If you would like to get one of your cars restored then please call us and arrange an appointment with the team to come down and discuss some options.

    We always want to hear from new customers about their beloved stories and what project they want to take on as we always like taking on new cars that we have never worked on before as the restoration can be a lot more gratifying for our team to see it finished. Once you place an order with us we will take your requirements and give you a rough budget and timescale for our unit to take on the work, please be aware that we have a lot of classic car restorations in the process already in our essex branch waiting to be finished so if you are waiting to get something restored then please call our team to discuss options.


    We Make Classic Cars Great Again!

    Our Classic Car Restoration Service in Essex is ready to take new restoration projects on! We currently have a small waiting list on getting a slot for classic car restoration however talk to our team before thinking about holding off as we would rather know about the restoration before we take on more orders. Retro fab wants to assure you that when we take on your classic car we use some of the best restoration specialists in the industry and with their experience with classic cars you will not be disappointed by the end product. 


    So what’s holding you back from Restoring a classic car in our Essex Unit? We will walk you through every stage of the restoration process and make sure you’re notified at every stage of your car build. Classic Car Restoration is our passion and will remain to be until we stop liking to see the end product which I don’t believe will ever happen!

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