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We Provide Vintage & Classic Car Recommissioning

When your classic car hasn’t been on the road in a while it may need recommissioning to make it roadworthy, Here at Retro Fab we offer Classic Car Recommissioning Services to get you back on the road driving your classic.

Aside from the obvious threats of chewed wires and blown seals, Your classic car may be compromised from long term condensation on tyres, brakes and seals. Our team of professionals can take a car that has been sitting in storage to fully roadworthy just get in touch!

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    Citroen HY Restoration

    Citroen HY Conversion

    Vintage Food Truck Conversion

    Our Mission

    From Storage to Road Safely

    All the current clients here at Retro Fab use this service when they want to take their classic car for a spin. We offer extended classic car servicing if the car needs to be looked into more thoroughly, making sure that your classic is 100% ready to be driven.

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