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Citroen HY Restoration 

Over the last number of years, we have thoroughly enjoyed the process of uncovering new ways of restoring Citroen HY Vans. While good base vehicles become more and more difficult to find, this has done our job considerably harder. But for us, that’s a challenge – not a threat. We take great pride in our work of restoring HY vans. We take matters into our own hands, by designing and printing our own Citroen HY van side panels to fit around the main body and chassis. Never before has there been such a committed, determined provider of nitrogen HY restoration – who is so relentlessly focused on doing the best job possible for their clients.

If you have already purchased your Citroen HY beauty, and need help to convert it, then we have the exact service for you. Regardless of whether you want to keep the original look or whether you need us to adjust the vehicle for another purpose, we have you completely covered. We welcome every single customer of ours with warmth and compassion. We encourage them to express their thoughts and ideas with our team members, to find the solutions that best please everybody involved.

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    Citroen HY Restoration

    Citroen HY Conversion

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    Our Mission

    Restoring Citroen HY72

    Never before has it been so incredibly easy to have your Citroen HY vehicle converted. Restored not just to how it should be, but to the exact way that you like or need it. No matter what purpose you need your Citroen Hy for, we have you covered with our caring, compassionate restoration services. 

    We have spent years working towards finding a solution that will allow us to restore your Citroen van just the way you like it. With our team of experienced mechanics, we offer original engine restoration alongside modern conversions. We can completely strip down original engines and rebuild again with carburettors which are wholly cleaned and reconditioned starter motors, new brake lines, new cylinders, new alternators, new tyres, rubbers and new headlights too.


    Citroen HY72 Restoration

    Once you find your van and set your eyes on restoring it, we are here for you. We are in a league of our own when it comes to the conversions of these types of vans. By drawing on the experience of years and years of HY van conversions, we can offer you a bespoke package that delivers the expertise you need. There is a multitude of catering, hospitality and other options which are available to you.

    We work with leaders in the manufacturing business to produce high-quality van restorations, to fully ensure that you are involved with the process in every step. Because the truth is, we don’t care about HY vans, what we care about is you. It’s your van, your needs and your wants that we genuinely care about, nothing else is quite as important. Every single step of the restoration process is fully designed so that you can have complete peace of mind in knowing that you are in entirely safe hands. When you choose us to go your Citroen HY conversions, there’s no fussing, no stressing and no hassle. Just simple, fast, affordable and reliable Citroën HY van restoration.

    Full Citroen HY Rebuild

    We have worked hard over the last number of years to build our reputation, and the truth is that we are prepared to work just as hard to keep it. We have built our reputation on the values of trust, honesty and quality. This is what has led us to become the benchmark name for Citroen HY repairs and restorations. The relentless commitment to prioritise the quality of our customers’ transformation and repairs is what fuels our passion for driving forward, and for keeping on delivering these services, to people just like you. 

    When it comes to restoring your own Citroën HY van, there is such a diverse range of creative possibilities for you to choose from. Regardless of what you have in mind, we will have the specialist knowledge to help you manifest this design. We maximise our close professional links within the world of van conversion to ensure that you are entirely up to date with the most exciting projects – which can be specifically tailored to your exact requirements. You can always be 100% sure that you will be part of an incredibly exciting project when you choose us for your van conversion. Citroën HY van conversions are what we have been known for in the region

    Undertaking a van restoration can be a daunting, intimidating task. That’s why when you place your trust in us for your van restoration, we will always be by your side. When you do, we have the right team of people to guide you through the process. It can be a long, windy and expensive path to have your van restored. Let us take the chance to guide you through this adventure and to lead you through this journey, making sure that you enjoy every step of the trip.

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